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Classic TV
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An artistic masterpiece from the early 1950's, this episode of "Howdy Doody" comes from the 1st of April, 1952. As such, the episode starts with a practical joke which probably annoyed many people. This episode also contains lots of advertising for the sponsors, including Colgate Dental Cream and Kellogg's cereal. Like many TV broadcasts from this period, this episode features some talk about elections, though in a safe and light-hearted manner suited to the program's young audience.
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Classic TV
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1953 episode of the Classic TV series "Ding Dong School", a show aimed at very young kids. Complete with original commercials. The host shows kids simple activities they can do at home.
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Classic TV
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No Time For Sergeants chronicles the comedic misadventures of a country bumpkin named Will Stockdale, brilliantly protrayed by Andy Griffith, who is drafted into the U.S. Army during World War II and assigned to the United States Army Air Forces. Andy Griffith went on to play the same character in the Broadway version and in a movie of the same name, which he became famous for and made him a star. No Time For Sergeants The U.S. Steel Hour March 15th, 1955 Starring: Will Stockdale......Andy...
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Silent Films
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While on a cross-country train trip, the Our Gang kids drive the rest of the passengers crazy with a never-ending game of cowboys and Indians. During a stopover in the sleepy town of Red Dog, the kids disembark in hopes of savoring a taste of genuine Western life. They get more than they bargained for when a trio of bandits rides into town for a showdown with the local sheriff. Meanwhile, black youngster Allen "Farina" Hoskins tries to pass himself off as an Indian, but the members of...
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